Purple Haze

Purple Haze, Koh Lipe

When it comes to picking your favourite dive site, we all have different preferences. Some divers like to go deep, some like diverse marine life, some like reefs and some like wrecks. That being said, I’m pretty sure, that no one who has ever dived Stone Henge (or Purple Haze), will ever tell you that it’s not it’s anything less than stunning. I went there a few days ago, and I must admit, that even though I’ve done hundreds of dives, it was unquestionably one of my top 5 dives. It’s called Purple Haze, because most of the dive site is covered in pink, purple and white soft corals. It’s the kind of place, that takes your breath away and leaves you speechless. Your eyes are always busy, and if you bring a camera, you won’t have time to relax, as there is always something amazing to take pictures of. On one single dive, we saw several lion fish, puffers, porcupine fish, box fish, cornet fish, a big school of barracudas, a sea snake and much more. As soon as you descend, you are entering a whole different world. I went to Purple Haze for the first time two years ago, and I must admit, that 500 dives later, it is still my favourite dive site! Come see it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.



DJL Koh Lipe

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